Text Here (Obvs.)

What else would go there!? There is only text to be had! How I wish the interrobang was still a thing, so to speak, at times like this.

In any case, hullo! I have been trying to get down to the writing, and while this blog has suffered (sorry!), I have actually contributed some real-life work to the novel-in-progress. But it’s still not a real novel, not quite yet anyway. I have completed a short story. Well, completed the revision process, as I wrote this story, all of two pages (woah, so impressive), some years ago, but returned to it multiple times quite recently. Some works of poetry too, only my poetry is just shit, and so most of the time I pretend I never write it at all… lies, I know, I’m sorry.

I just reread the few posts I have below and I must admit, some of them are quite funny (ha!), but probably not since I have an awkward sense of humour (as I shake my head and laugh to myself).

Currently trying to figure out the various economies of publishing, of writing for some actually valid  and hopefully culturally relevant journal/magazine, and better yet, how to do that without having to be tied down to one spot in particular. I know, I’m the worst. Get a real job, Jessica! You can’t travel forever, you fool. But in any case, that is what I am trying to do. I know people publish their works on their own blogs, so I might do that. It can be my makeshift portfolio. We’ll see, though.

Thanks for bearing.