At the very core of it all, I am something of a writer who thinks too much. I am interested in too many things, really.

I’ve thought about what might constitute a solution for my overactive mind, always in overdrive, always thinking.

I began A Culture Crisis to provide myself with some outlet for releasing a multitude of pent-up interests. For that reason, you will come to find that this blog has absolutely no coherent or primary topic. I write about philosophy, mental health, politics, pop culture, art, music, literature, social concerns, food, clothes, beauty, personal obsessions, etc. Sometimes, I even rant about capitalism (interestingly, those are my most popular posts, ha!).

I think of A Culture Crisis as a thought project for an overactive mind. Consider that this is the byproduct of an imagination that – sometimes rather unfortunately – does not grasp the concept of pause. But I’ve come to terms with that, and I’ve decided to give back to a world that has ever so extensively given me things to think about.

I hope to inspire thought, creativity, and on occasion, I even hope to amuse.

Lots of love,