To the Five Followers of A Culture Crisis

and to all of you who’ve liked my posts, thank you. So much.

As it turns out, five (and change) is quite the number. It’s the third prime number.
According to a quick Wikipedia search, a “Perfect fifth is the most consonant harmony, and is the basis for most western tuning systems.”
Of course, Chanel N.5 is the perfect perfume.

But of course, that’s not the point. The point is that, even though I would write for the sheer sake of writing, that you acknowledge the words I produce, that you are there to hear me is, perhaps, one of the most meaningful thing to have happened to me in the past little while. And for that, dear followers, I would like to thank you.

So here is a song to cap off the night – something of a gift at 4:43 am. It’s beautiful and hopeful with the perfect amount of heart.

Kindly enjoy, and good night.